As pupils progress through the School, examinations become an key focus for both pupils and their parents.  The links below should provide you with some guidance and advice about the examination periods at Rougemont School.  From helpful advice on how to prepare for exams for pupils and important guidance for parents.  The pastoral and academic team at Rougemont are always available to discuss any issues or queries from both parents and pupils about examinations.


During the exam season, if an exam candidate experiences any of the main symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature, a continuous cough, loss or change of taste or smell) they should self-isolate and take a lateral flow test (LFT).

  • Please inform the school as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms via COVID19@rougemontschool.co.uk and keep the School informed of all test results.
  • If the test is positive, they should report their result and self-isolate for at least 3 full days. Day 1 is the day after their symptoms started.
  • On day 3, if symptoms have stopped, take a LFT. If that test is negative, take another LFT on day 4.
  • If their day 4 test is also negative, and they feel well and do not have a high temperature, they can leave self-isolation to sit an exam. They should report their results.
  • If either the test on day 3 or the test on day 4 is positive, they should remain in self-isolation and contact the School.
  • If they still have a high temperature or feel unwell, they should continue to self-isolate until it returns to normal, or they feel better.
  • They should continue taking daily LFTs until they get 2 negative tests in a row, taken a day apart, or until day 10 – whichever is sooner. They do not need a negative LFT test on day 10 to leave self-isolation.

If an exam candidate has been identified as a close contact by NHS Test, Trace Protect via email or text, or by someone who has tested positive directly, they do not need to self-isolate but should be vigilant for the main COVID-19 symptoms and:

  • minimise contact with the person who has COVID-19;
  • wash their hands regularly and cover coughs and sneezes; and
  • pay close attention to the main symptoms of COVID-19. If they develop any of these symptoms, order a LFT test, stay at home and avoid contact with other people while they are waiting for the test result (continue as above).

They should follow this advice for 10 days after being in contact with the person who tested positive.

Please note that, in accordance with current Welsh Government guidance, there is no requirement for candidates to wear face coverings during exams. However, any candidate who wishes to wear a face covering either because they have been identified as a close contact, or for personal reasons, is encouraged to do so.

For further information on the School’s coronavirus control measures please consult the COVID-19 area of the School’s website.