House quiz

I was joined by Alex (Year 3), Isabelle (Year 4) and Emily (Year 5).

Mr Rowlands was a great host, and I should know because he hosts every House Event and he always makes it fun!

Here are some things that my team-mates and competitors said about the House Quiz:

“I liked the House Quiz because my team was so good at history and maths.” Alex, Year 3.

“I loved the House Quiz because I had a great team and competitors.” Isabella, Year 4.

“It was very exciting being in the crowd and watching all the things that were going on, on the stage. My favourite challenge was when the Year 6s had to stick their hands in the buckets and eat mysterious things!” Ione, Year 4.

“It was very fun being on stage with my team-mates. I really enjoyed when I had to describe a picture on the board to my team and they had to guess what it was!” Blake, Year 4 Caradog House Team.

I would like to say good luck to the House Teams next year!