Rougemont Ready

Being #rougemontready is all part of the Rougemont experience. Our Prep School values embody our vision – that our children are ready, responsible and respectful. These values not only underpin all we do, but also help to prepare the children for life beyond the gates.

As a Prep School, opportunities and experiences are key to making our children Rougemont Ready. From the amazing House system to the co-curricular and competitive opportunities, right through to trips and visits, the daily life of our children is varied, busy and super exciting!

The flags of Gwynog, Caradog or Dyfrig may blow at any given time, with the roaring House Dragons fighting for the lead and indicating the leading House, day by day. Our House Captains ably lead their charges, supporting, inspiring and guiding them through the myriad of challenges that punctuate the year.

House Captains are sought-after responsibilities, but all our Year 6 children are awarded their own title, complete with job description and expectation. These are very genuine roles, and they lead in all aspects of school life, from eco and sport, through to wellbeing and science and technology. Part of being Rougemont Ready, means stepping up to the challenges, leading by example and ensuring that all children are involved.

As a School for Life, we really do embrace the whole age-range, and with that amazing spread of age, interest and experience, comes plenty of opportunity to work with one another. Our Seniors regularly help out with Junior and Infant clubs, reading support, language tuition, joint charity days and themed days, and even offer a helping hand with the daily Run-a-Mile. Whether it’s sport for life, cooking for life, music for life or performing for life, there is provision for every passion!

From Rougemont Rangers through to the REACH Award, we challenge our youngsters to try something new, test their limits and learn more about themselves. Part of this involves embracing visits and visitors .. from our amazing parents who share their expertise, through to trips which span the globe, being Rougemont Ready means being prepared … for anything!