Welcome to Prep School

Welcome to Rougemont Preparatory School, the home of our grey blazers, laying the foundations for our charges to stride ahead through their Infant and Junior years, before moving up to the challenges of the Senior School. Saying has it that you can’t build a house unless you have strong foundations, and our children develop theirs, before striding ahead, gathering speed and making rapid progress.

A balanced curriculum, co-curriculum and multitude of opportunities and experiences underpin what we do. Competition, always healthy of course, is introduced, with a House system that fosters team-work and a competitive spirit. Children are encouraged to pit their wits, creativity and thinking skills against one another, all whilst earning points for their Houses. The ultimate winner is the genuine sense of pride, respect and humility displayed by the children, no matter which House wins.

A School for life means that our children are able to move seamlessly from one department to another, a journey that develops, directs and distinguishes our children, generating individuals, ready to embark on their next challenge.

Themed days, national events and charity opportunities are all built into the educational calendar to assist with the children’s all-round development and independent thinking. As an Eco School, environmental responsibility, fair trade and fair play provide a solid core. Our co-curricular program is extensive and responds to the ever-changing demands of the children. From Zumba to mindfulness, Minecraft to Chess, the children are able to balance their time and choose their clubs. Of course, Music and Drama are perennial favourites, and our productions are the stuff of legend, with a packed auditorium show-casing our talented youngsters. The sports fields abound our 50 acre site, boasting competition from a young age, with children encouraged to have a go, compete and find their niche.

All talents are fostered and all children are talents.

A school for art … A school for music … A school for sport … A school for study… A school for you … What’s your journey?

Mrs L Pritchard | Head of the Prep School