Senior Staff


Mr R Carnevale, MA(Ed), BSc, PGCE (1998) Headmaster, Physics


Deputy Head

Mrs S Archer, BSc, PGCE (2014) Deputy Head Senior School, Biology


Assistant Head (Academic)

Ms P Rogers, MA(Ed), BSc, PGCE (2000) Director of Studies, Geography, ICT Co-ordinator


Academic Registrar

Mr M James, MSc (Open), MA (Open), PG Dip MHS (Open), BA (Open), BSc (Open), BEd, Dip Stats (Open), Dip Econ (Open), Cert Maths (Open) (1978)

Academic Registrar, Biology


Director of Staffing

Mrs S Roberts, BSc, PGCE (1999) Director of Staffing, Mathematics


Senior Staff

Mrs L Bateman, BA, PGCE (2005) Head of Art
Mr K Bell, BA, PGCE (1999) Head of Boys’ PE and Games
Mrs K Benson-Dugdale BMus, MA, QTS, PGEM (2000) Higher Education Advisor, Head of Music
Mr M Bowman, BSc, PGCE (2010) Mathematics
Mrs S Boon, BA, PGCE (2016) Art, DT
Mrs K Bridges, BSc, PGCE, QTS, (2019) Sciences, Maths, IT
Ms C Bromley, BSc, PGCE (2020) Mathematics
Dr S Brown, BA, BSc, PhD, PGCE (2018) Senior Laboratory Technician
Mrs J Caddick, BA, (2019) English
Ms A Clason-Thomas, BA, MA, PGCE (2012) Assistant Head of KS3, French, English
Mr D Cobb, BSc, PGCE, CertMaths (Open) (2002) Head of Biology
Mrs L DeCruz, BA, PGCE (2016) Head of Religious Studies
Miss C Dugdale, BA, PGCE (2001) Religious Studies, Physical Education
Mrs K Elms, BA, PGCE (2017) English, Film Studies, House Tutor
Mrs S Elson, LLB (2007) Head of Latin
Mrs L Fulcher (2018) Learning Development Centre
Mrs R Garrod, BA, PGCE (2008) History, KS3 History Co-ordinator
Mrs J Goodwin, BSc, QTS, CSciTeach (2003) Head of Physics, Head of Pupil Performance Y8-Y11, House Tutor Co-ordinator
Mr J Hardwick, BSc, PGCE (1993) Biology, Science, Careers
Miss R Hayes, BA, PGCE (2004) Head of Design & Technology, DofE
Mrs K Hughes, BSc, PGCE (2013) Head of Geography, Clubs Co-ordinator
Mrs A Jenkins, BSc (2004) Assistant Head of KS5, Chemistry, Physics
Mr M Jenkins, MA, PGCE (2003) Head of History, Geography
Miss J Jones, BA, PGCE (2002) Head of English
Miss E Keddie, BSc, PGCE (2021) Mathematics & ICT
Mrs C Langford, BSc, PGCE (2011) Head of Chemistry
Mrs C Lovett, BA, PGCE (2014) Cover Supervisor/Invigilator
Mr P McMahon, MSc, BSc, QTS (2005) Head of Computing and IT, ECDL Co-ordinator
Miss K Marshall, BSc, PGCE, (2019) Director of Sport
Miss A Mintowt-Czyz, BA, PGCE (2011) English, KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs D Morgan, BA, PGCE (1998) French
Mrs S Munro, DEUG, Licence, PGCE (2003) Head of French, Year 7 Pupil Progress Co-Ordinator
Mrs L Nepean, BA, PGCE, (2019) Head of Drama
Miss C Owen, BA, PGCE (2013) Head of  Business Studies, House Tutor
Miss K Page, BSc, PGCE (2007) Physical Education,
Mrs D Parry,  MBPSs. BSc Hons, MA SEN (SpLD), Pg Diploma Psychology, PGCE, ATS (2017) Learning Development Centre
Mr W Price, BA, PGCE (2018) Assistant Head of KS4, Head of Spanish
Mr A Pritchard, BSc, PGCE (2016) Mathematics
Mr A Richards, BSc, PGCE (2002) Head of Mathematics
Mr A Rees, BA, PGCE, (2004) Head of KS4, Physical Education, DofE
Mr M Savery, BA, PGCE (2016) Head of Economics, Spanish
Mr H Singer, MA(Ed), BA, PGCE (2000) Head of Key Stage 3, Design & Technology
Miss A Sutton, MA(Ed), BA, PGCE, Pg Diploma, SEN (SpLD), AMBDA, APC (2016) Head of Learning Development Centre
Mrs T van der Linde, MA(Ed), BSc, PGCE (2004) Head of Sixth Form, Chemistry
Mr T Webb (2009) Design & Technology Technician


Senior School Administrative Staff

Mrs N Periam (2012) Administrator/Receptionist
Mrs E Rees (2004) Receptionist
Mrs J Karrie (2015) Receptionist
Mrs A Jones (2018) Learning Resources Administration Manager


The figure given after the member of staff’s qualification indicates the year in which the member of staff joined Rougemont.

*Some members of the Senior teaching staff are also specialist subject teachers in the Junior and Infants’ Schools.
All staff undergo staff induction, appraisal and are actively involved in staff development programmes.