The Future of Sport and Physical Education at Rougemont School

If there was ever a time to discuss the importance of physical activity and sport it is now. It has never been easier for us to understand its fundamental importance in our lives. In the last year we have all felt the need to be physically active and we have appreciated its benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing.

The lack of physical activity and sport in my life has reminded me that it is not a pointless distraction which takes time away from other ‘more important’ activities; but more a fulfilling basic human need that connects me to myself, other people and the outside world.

In every situation you can find opportunity. This pandemic is not ideal, but it has allowed the PE department the time to re-evaluate its own core values in relation to Physical Education and Sport. As an independent school, we have the freedom and opportunity to design academic programmes in our own vision. It is the PE Department’s aim to promote the benefits of Physical Education through the delivery of a cutting-edge PE curriculum. Therefore, our new innovative programme is led by sport science and contemporary research into Physical Education. We want our pupils to be internally motivated to participate, self-disciplined in their effort and to develop a habitual, lifelong physically active attitude. We believe that the new curriculum will enable us to achieve this.

The PE & Wellbeing Programme empowers the individual and develops them physically and mentally. In the early years, physical literacy and fundamental movement skills are established. As pupils grow, we teach and coach the various components of fitness that underpin all physical activity. Aerobic endurance; speed-agility-quickness; strength, power, stability, and mobility are all studied.

The Wellbeing Programme uses elements of sports psychology to teach anxiety management, attention & concentration, communication, goal setting, imagery & visualisation, and time management & organisation. After all: healthy body, healthy mind! Some of this is classroom based, however, leadership and teambuilding activities are utilised to achieve this in a more practical interactive setting.

Competitive sport is and will always will be a fundamental part of independent school education. Major team games such as hockey, rugby, netball and football are at the core of the games programme. Games afternoons, team games, house sport, inter school sport, regular competition and training are central to the culture of the school; and central to the social development of our pupils. Competitive sport is an excellent platform for character development. In competition sometimes we win, and sometimes we learn, but both these paths can lead to success. We teach humility in success as a sign of strength. Whilst failing, picking yourself up dusting yourself off, analysing, re-evaluating and planning for success; All these skills build robust, resilient pupils, that understand that failing is not the end of the world.

That said, competition will not engage all of our pupils. In order for us to promote a culture of health and fitness throughout the school, our most senior pupils are given additional physical activity options that vary from studio fitness to weight lifting.

This is just the beginning of our plans to fortify sport at Rougemont School. This pandemic has temporarily slowed progress, but once we can get back to Physical Education lessons and eventually inter-school sports fixtures, we suspect we will find numerous eager pupils craving for what they have missed. So, in the meantime, please keep busy by completing one hour of physical activity five days a week, and that way we can hit the ground running once we all return.

Kerry Marshall  |  Director of Sport


“The provision of sport at Rougemont is excellent and has developed considerably over the past few years. The facilities are outstanding and the opportunities for pupils are in abundance.” – Year 8 parent