A Level Results

Rougemont is proud of its reputation for outstanding academic achievement and is one of the highest performing schools in the South Wales region.


A Level Results

Results 2021, this has been a truly exceptional year, in every way.

Our pupils have shown determination, courage and true resilience during these challenging and uncertain months, and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

Nevertheless, we are extremely pleased to report another year of outstanding A Level results.

It may not have been the typical results day we all envisaged but the hard work and dedication of our pupils and teachers over the past two years has resulted in a superb set of results and show, yet again, why Rougemont is ranked as one the highest performing schools in Wales.

Congratulations to all our pupils.

Mr Rob Carnevale  |  Headmaster


Here are some of the outstanding achievements we are celebrating this summer:

44% achieved A* grades (National 2019 8%) BEST EVER!

77% achieved A*/A grades (National 2019 26%) BEST EVER!

89% achieved A* to B grades (National 2019 52%) BEST EVER!

Harry B – A* A A – Mechanical Engineering, Loughborough
Amy B – A* A A – Veterinary Science, Royal Veterinary College
Sophie D – A* A* A – Marketing & Management, Loughborough
Declan D – A* A* Distinction* – Accounting & Finance, Warwick
Ben E – A* A* A* A* – Mechanical Engineering, Bath
Joel E – A* A* A* A* – Aeronautics, Southampton
Luca H – A* A* A* A* A* – Natural Sciences, Durham
Hannah H – A* A* A* A* – Law, Durham
Yesenia MD – A A A – Politics & Philosophy, Sussex
Olivia Mc-W – A* A A A – Medicine, Cardiff
Beth P – A* A* A* A* – Medicine, Nottingham
Josh P – A* A* – Computer Science, Cardiff
Mia P – A* A* A* – Law, Exeter
Kelly S – A* A* A – Psychology, Cardiff
Luke V C – A* A* A – Economics & Finance, Exeter
Oliver V – A* A* A* A – Medicine 2022
Grace W – A* A A A – Dentistry, Plymouth
Josie Y – A A A – Veterinary Medicine, Nottingham


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