2020 has certainly been the most unique and challenging year of our lifetimes.

Based on the experiences of our pupils, Mrs Caddick, English Department, has written a poem called ‘Dear 2020’ which reviews the year in a humorous yet poignant way.

Recited by pupils from Nursery to Sixth Form, we hope you enjoy this unique look back on the year that certainly was!


Dear 2020

Dear 2020, what is happening this year?
You’ve made it quite hard, but we’ll persevere.

Dear 2020, you are really quite mean
The events of this year are truly obscene.

Surely this year has been one big mistake?
Come on, 2020 will you give us a break?

There’s been widespread disaster at home and abroad,
It’s time to let up, we are seriously bored!

There’s been floods and disease, fire and much death.
And we study Shakespeare – this is worse than Macbeth!

The Australian bushfires destroyed our wildlife;
The floods in South Wales caused terrible strife!

This year is a tragedy with what we’ve endured,
Seeing poverty and unemployment drastically sore.

Trump was impeached and the world hoped and prayed,
Joe Biden, the man, who saw him out played.

And who could forget Brexit – that ridiculous mess,
No wonder we are all in a state of distress.

Prince Harry and Meghan were no longer royals,
And hopped on a plane to American soils.

The Covid pandemic brought the world to a halt,
relentlessly, attacking in constant assault.

Highways were empty and people went home,
Trapped in five miles of where we could roam.

All contact stopped and social distance was “normal”,
But not seeing grandparents is completely abnormal!

Playgrounds were locked and schools were shut down,
The world became quiet, with no soul to be found.

Parents soon found that home-schooling was tough,
And thought teachers’ heroes, made of strong stuff.

Time slowed right down and a new normal formed,
The world looked different, now completely transformed.

Panic buying started and the shelves were stripped bare,
The toilet paper’s gone – oh no! We’ll all have to share!

Victory in Europe Day marked its 75th year,
With a small celebration, less scones and less cheer.

There’s been nothing but problems with track and trace,
and a fight to be first in the great vaccine race.

We’ve welcomed new pets into our hearts
And many new hobbies that we did start.

The Olympics were cancelled for the first time in years,
No doubt the competitors shed plenty of tears.

The box sets on Netflix helped to pass time,
And shopping for hours on Amazon Prime.

With Google Meet, Whatsapp, Teams and Zoom,
It almost felt like we were in the same room.

Online quiz nights have been a real blast –
But nothing beats contact, we hope this won’t last.

Throughout this dark period, there’s been hints of hope,
As we continue to wash hands with gallons of soap.

There has been laughter and rainbows and clapping throughout,
That has brightened our day when we’ve been in doubt.

And who would have thought we’d be itching for school,
I won’t say it out loud ’cause it’s not very cool!

Rougemont’s like home and where we belong,
It’s familiar; like singing our favourite song.

While the school to be sure is a different place,
At least we can see each other face to face.

Face masks, thermometers, and year group bubbles,
Are only a few of our daily struggles.

Exams have been cancelled for a second year –
This is certainly a strange and new frontier.

And what about fun stuff, like an overseas trip?
Oh 2020, what else must we skip?

Our prom dreams and dancing have been taken away,
As well as singing and hugging – this is not okay!

But during this time, we have learnt who we are
And know that resilience will help us go far.

So 2020, as you draw to a close,
What’s in store for us, nobody knows.

But one thing’s for sure, when times are unsteady,
The pupils here, will always, be Rougemont Ready.

By Mrs Caddick, English Department