Every pupil that passes through the gates at Rougemont becomes a special part of the school for the rest of their lives.  Since its establishment at Clevedon Road in Newport in 1925 then into the Prep School at Nant Coch and the Senior School created at Stow Hill, the rich heritage of Rougemont continues to grow at its current site at Llantarnam Hall on Malpas Road.

At Rougemont School we feel very proud of the School’s history and of the achievements of our alumni. We consider our alumni to still be members of the school community and we are working to engage with and grow a living network of friends of the school.

Our Alumni form the foundation of what makes Rougemont an outstanding school today.

Our Alumni also serve as ambassadors of the School and their experiences and achievements become perfect examples of leadership, academic achievement, personal fulfilment and happiness to our current pupils who rely on the examples set by those who have gone before them.

As we head into a new chapter at Rougemont, our Alumni become an even more important part of the Rougemont story and we endeavour to hold more events to bring our alumni together over the next couple of years.

Our chief focus is upon the present and the future, ensuring the school gives the best possible opportunities to the young people of today.

The tangible help of the living network of Rougemont Alumni makes a very significant contribution towards the future of the School.

We always enjoy hearing about the successes of Rougemont Alumni. If you have any news you would like to share, please do let us know.

Similarly, If you are able to support the School in anyway, be it speaking at a careers convention, becoming a professional mentor to one or more of the sixth form students, please do contact us. We also have fundraising opportunities, be it contributing towards the school’s development programme, or in funding or part-funding a scholarship or bursary.

Alumni are encouraged to keep in touch with the School, via the Rougemont Alumni Facebook page and also directly via Helen Marshall, Marketing and Development Manager who mails and e-newsletter to alumni every half term with updates, news and invites. Email Helen at or call her on 01633 820812.

Whether you left in 1947 or 2017, we are always very happy to hear your Rougemont story!  Get in touch today or visit our Facebook page!