A new lunchtime club has started in the Juniors in readiness for a Basketball festival later on in the year.

We are very fortunate to have the assistance of a Welsh basketball player from Newport Live to support the boys in their play.

From the basic fundamentals, they will be taught the basic mechanics of the game. The essential skills that establish a foundation for success – like triple threat position, form shooting, defensive stance and pivoting.

Moving onto the technical skills which are the common basketball tasks. The boys will master shooting, passing, ball handling, rebounding and defense.

And finally…

Tactical Skills – these are the decisions and actions players will make in game situations, to help give their team an advantage over an opponent. For example, knowing how to make a back door cut, execute a pick and roll or come over from the weak side to take a charge.

The boys have started the club with enthusiasm and energy. Enjoy the photos!