Last week, Year 2 took a very special trip to Miss Sutton’s farm.  Miss Sutton, head of the LDC here at Rougemont, lives at her family’s farm ‘Parc Grace Dieu Farm’ near Raglen and invited the pupils to see first-hand what happens on a working farm.

The pupils were also very lucky to pay a visit to the Frank Sutton Tractor Garage also in Raglen and run by Miss Sutton’s father, Frank.  Below, the pupils documented their trip:

We travelled to the tractor garage in the school minibuses.  At the tractor garage we met Miss Sutton’s mum and the gentlemen who deal with the tractor repairs and the spare tractor parts as well as Miss Sutton and her Dad, Farmer Frank.  We had a ride in a small child’s John Deere vehicle before going outside to go into a real John Deere tractor!  With a little bit of help we took the controls to move the arm, beep the horn and use the windscreen wipers. 

After that, we got back in the minibuses to travel to Parc Grace Dieu Farm near Monmouth.  First, we went into a huge shed which was full of old John Deere tractors.  Here, Farmer Frank answered our questions and started up a tractor which was 70 years old.  Next we looked into a real cowboy wagon which had a bed and a witches broom!

Andy took us on a tractor trailer ride through the farmyard, past the buffalo and into a field of longhorn cattle and two horses called Storm and Star.  We knew which was the ox because he had a ring through his nose. 

After that, we went to the stables to have our lunch.  Miss Sutton had prepared a feast for us all which included ice-cream and chocolate biscuits.  We were all really happy when Miss Sutton gave us special Frank Sutton t-shirts to wear and we had our photograph taken underneath the horns of the buffalo.  Finally, before going back to School, we all went down the lane to see Comanche who is Miss Sutton’s favourite horse.  Andy had carrots for him but he was a bit scared of all of us.

Thank you Miss Sutton and family for an unforgettable trip.