Rougemont PTA Grow a Pound Initiative 2019

Following on from last year’s successful introduction, which saw children from Year 2 to Year 6 raise £1,500, we are ever so pleased to let you know that Grow a Pound is back for 2019!

For those new to the initiative, the PTA will provide each child with £1 and challenge them to come up with a way of using that £1 to make more money. This could be buying some extra ingredients to make cakes/cookies to sell for a profit, buying some gloves to do some weeding/gardening for family or friends and charge a fee per flowerbed, invest in a skipping rope to do a sponsored skip-a-thon or filling a jar with £1 worth of sweets and charging people to have a guess at how many are in the jar to win it! These are just some ideas and many more can be found online, or children can come up with their own. Children can work in a group or on their own. They can take a ‘loan’ if needed or offered by parents, but this money must be taken out of the profits made and paid back before the end of the project.

The initiative is optional and if you and your child would like to opt out, please return the appropriate slip which will come home with the £1 on Wednesday 3rd April to Mrs Mills or Miss Dyer where boxes will be at their reception areas.  We would kindly request any £1s not being used to be returned by Friday 5th April.  Thank you.

For parents and guardians of children who decide to use the £1 fundraising within the community, gardening, baking or household tasks, may we gently remind you that these need to be conducted under parental supervision. In the unfortunate instance of an injury sustained or damage to property, Rougemont School and the PTA cannot take any responsibility.

The Grand Finale: Show What You Grow, will take place on Friday, 10th May 2019 at 2pm around the Junior School yard area (weather permitting). In the case of a great British wash-out the event will be held in the Refectory. This gives the children approximately five weeks to grow their pound. An application slip will accompany the £1, which will come home with your child on Wednesday 3rd April and we kindly ask to be returned after the Easter holiday on Wednesday 24th April, giving a brief description of the child’s idea and whether they require a stall at the Grand Finale to sell their goods. A table will be available for children to display sponsorship forms, photos or presentation boards regarding their projects. Parents will be welcome to attend and more information will follow about the afternoon’s programme.

Recognition will be presented to the ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Most Entrepreneurial’ ideas from each year group. All monies raised will be collected that afternoon and the school has requested that funds be added to those from 2018 to go towards improving the Junior play areas.

The money raised last year is still ringfenced by the PTA and we are currently looking into options to level the play yard area. This needs to be completed before new equipment can be installed. As we are sure you can appreciate, the school has to prioritise funding for projects and work throughout the whole school.  As a PTA, we can see how beneficial this would be for the future and current junior school children and would therefore be extremely grateful for any contacts within the ‘Rougemont Family’ who might be willing to donate or give a reduced rate on supplies to achieve this task sooner rather than later.

We are grateful for the enthusiasm and support shown by Mrs Pritchard, Infant and Junior Staff and also appreciate the support and encouragement children may require from their parents/guardians. Thank you in advance for your child’s participation and we hope they find it a worthwhile and exciting project.

Should you have any questions, please contact one of the members of the PTA Grow a Pound Focus Group.