Charity Captain, Amy in Year 13 shares her thoughts on the importance of charity work and what Rougemont is doing to help.

As all of us are now well aware, the pandemic has had an enormous impact on our day-to-day lives. From having to wear a mask to financial difficulties in some cases, everyone has been affected in a different way.

However, despite the support and focus on helping one another to emerge from these difficult times, the vital role that charities play in supporting those who are less fortunate than ourselves has, unfortunately, been overlooked at times during the past year.

Mental health services, including charities such as Mind and Samaritans, are proving to be more important than ever due to the impact that lockdowns have had on our mental health. Being able to reach out to a charity like these for help remains to be a safety net for all of us in our society; it is essential that we continue to do all we can to support the work of charities.

At School, we are preparing to take part in the Torfaen Gift Appeal, which collects and distributes Christmas presents to less fortunate children living in the local area, giving them the opportunity to experience the joy of receiving a gift at Christmas.  As with previous years, if you would like to take part in this gift appeal, please contact Mrs Hughes:, who will match a child in need for you to purchase a gift for.

We are also now supporting two charities: Sal’s Shoes and M.A.D. 4 kids, which work to provide shoes for children who may not have access to them. Over the coming weeks, collection boxes will be set up in each of the year group bubbles, so if you  have any old shoes at home which you would be happy to donate, please bring them in!

If we all play our part as a School community, we can help to support the charities which work tirelessly to help those in need, whatever the circumstances.

Thank you!

Amy Bowman  |  Charity Captain