Hold Still: A response

Last year, The National Portrait Gallery invited people of all ages across the nation to submit a photographic portrait that described their personal experiences of lockdown. The gallery encouraged people to focus on three core themes for their images: Helpers and Heroes, the New Normal or Acts of Kindness. The gallery had over 31,000 submissions which featured images that conveyed humour, grief, creativity, kindness, tragedy and hope.

We have currently been in lockdown for quite some time so we asked our senior school art students to respond creatively to this online exhibition. Following an online photography workshop shared by the National Portrait Gallery, students embarked on their own photoshoots at home with an emphasis on the ‘new normal’ particularly their experience of online learning. We have been thoroughly impressed with their photographic portraits which I feel all clearly tell a story from their own perspective.

Mrs Bateman | Head of Art

Please follow the link to view the top 100 photographic portraits from the Hold Still: Portrait of a Nation online exhibition.