A Level Art pupil Cerys invites you to take part in our new community Art Club.  The inspiration behind this week’s theme is SPRING!

I am studying A-Level Fine Art and I love drawing and painting from nature. I find it fascinating and it seems to really cheer me up. It takes my mind off of my school work and distracts me from any negative thoughts and feelings that I am sure many of you, too, may have experienced during lockdown. I have found that every time I go for a walk I always look for inspiration and opportunities to take photographs.

Being outside, going for walks and experiencing nature is very mindful and relaxing so I try to do it as much as possible much like many of you! On my most recent walk, I saw that some flowers were starting to bloom and that leaves were finally returning to their branches. See my photos above.

This inspired me to set an Art Challenge for all of our Rougemont staff, pupils, parents, grandparents etc.


  • Get some fresh air and go for a walk!
  • Whilst outside, look out for signs of spring  and take some photos. This can be anything from sprouting leaves, blooming flowers or even wildlife (if you are quick enough!)
  • From your photographs, create a drawing or a painting celebrating Spring. Some ideas could be finger painting, pencil drawings, coloured pencils, watercolours or anything similar you can think of!

Here are my own examples: (see photo images to the right)

I used watercolours to paint the pretty purple flower and then, for a second piece, I used cotton buds and acrylic paints. I highly recommend the cotton bud technique as I found it very satisfying and therapeutic and I think it works really well to describe both the shape and texture of the flowers. The main thing is to have fun, relax and be creative!

Please forward your submissions to Mrs Bateman at by Monday 22nd February. Your submissions need to be a JPEG image and you can include your photography as well as your drawing and/or painting! We would like to showcase your work in the newsletter after half term. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing your spring inspired artwork.