Rougemont Art Club

Hi, I’m Ella and I’ve always loved art since I was younger and I have a real passion for the subject. I chose to study art because I can constantly expand upon my skills and learn about a variety of materials, processes and techniques. For example, I have recently found a new interest for painting which I’ve never thought I would be good at and now I seem to love! We learn about artists and their different styles, as all artists are unique and different. My favourite illustrator is John Kenn Mortesen because he illustrates monsters onto sticky note pads. He is inspired by the dark night which helps inspire him to create these characters. He even has a book called ‘Sticky Monsters’. I love to draw with pen and create my own characters so he has helped to inspire me and my artwork.

Since we have been in the lockdown I’ve become rather bored in my house as there isn’t much to do. I have two cats which have helped me through so far, especially when I’m in my online classes. They always sit next to me and keep me company. My cats play a major role in my life as well as in my art as since I was in Year 5 at Rougemont, I have drawn my cats in different ways. In Year 6, Mrs Bateman asked me to draw a picture of someone in my family inspired by Picasso’s cubist work. I decided to add my cats into the picture as they are normally pretty close by and I love to take pictures of them! I’ve recently created a painting with one of my cats in as I put together a still life again inspired by Picasso.


So, as my challenge this week I would like you to use your pets at home or any other animals as your inspiration to create a piece of artwork using any type of materials. This could be using pens, pencils, paints, fabrics etc. Be creative and most importantly, have fun!