Year 2 have had a very busy Activities Week embracing all that the Olympics embodies – sport, spirit and more sport!

First, pupils participated in their Olympic Mile followed by a fantastic session learning all about the Paralympics.  Pupils were encouraged to participate in a variety of Olympic sports as competitors would in the Paralympics – sitting volleyball, blindfolded obstacle course and a goal ball challenge.  A great way to learn sport in someone else’s shoes!

Along with other Infant pupils, Year 2 enjoyed a tennis session with Sean from Aspire Tennis.  When asked their favourite Olympic sports to play however, the clear winners were hockey and football!

Olympics made its way into the classroom too as pupils tested their Maths and Science skills for a 60 second speed challenge as well as creating their own high jumps with sticks and straws and then testing them out!

Some beautiful craft creations too, in Year 2.  Olympic wreaths, medals and torches!