Our ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ principal cast members share a delightful take on the well-known carol, ‘Good King Wenceslas’.

Rewritten by Miss Mintowt-Czyz together with the English department, we hope you enjoy this festive ‘Rougemont’ version!

See the lyrics below.

Good King Carneval’ looked out
After summer ended.
Parents on the roundabout,
Pupils had descended.
Smartly shone their uniforms,
School shoes had been polished.
Teachers’ busy social lives
About to be demolished.

Students in the Infant School
Busy with their learning.
Finger painting, ABCs,
Brains are always turning.
Yonder teacher, who is she
Leading students’ singing?
Play time with your friends outside
All the bells are ringing!

Juniors start the term anew,
Full of beans and prancing.
Felt pens, scissors, sticks of glue,
Imaginations dancing.
Minibeasts and costumes worn,
Knowledge we are gaining.
Fun for us in every form –
even when it’s raining!

Seniors rush in through the doors
Having been well-rested.
Cross Country and pumpkin wars
House rivalries contested.
Canteen staff keep us well-fed
For our daily classes.
‘Tempus fugit’, so it’s said –
How quickly each day passes.

Christmas cards are on their way
Trees have all been lighted.
All await the special day
Who wouldn’t feel excited?
Reception, drivers, grounds staff too
Keep school going steady.
See you back in ’22
Feeling Rougemont Ready!