Rougemont School is celebrating another year of outstanding A Level results.  

Despite the national narrative of a drop in grades, pupils at Rougemont have, once again, produced exemplary results far exceeding the national picture and moreover, are yet again, the best results in South East Wales.

Lisa Pritchard, Head of Rougemont, shares her pride in the pupils. “I am incredibly pleased to share that Rougemont is, yet again, celebrating some of the best results in the region. Our reputation of outstanding examination results continues this year and I am particularly proud of those pupils who have shown excellent progress throughout their two years in Rougemont Sixth Form. Today, they have realised their full potential and we are honoured to have been part of their journey.

“Our Sixth Formers have lived through the tumultuous times of Covid and have triumphed in the best possible way.  I am beyond proud of each and every one of them. My sincere thanks go to our teaching staff who go above and beyond every single day to ensure the needs of every single pupil are met with care, compassion and the belief that they can succeed.  To our parents, your continued support means days like these are very special. You should be so proud of your children.

Congratulations Class of 2023, go forward with pride, ambition and belief in yourself as you begin this new journey.”

Rougemont Headlines

A*/A Grades – 66%

A*/B Grades – 82%

A*/C Grades – 93%

Our pupils have succeeded in attaining places at their chosen higher education institutions studying a wide variety of subjects, from Music to Medicine, Computer Science to Chemistry, Law to Languages and with a new generation of Rougemont Veterinary Surgeons on the way, we couldn’t be more proud of the tapestry of talent at our School. The rich and varied interests of our pupils have always made Rougemont the ultimate and original ‘School for Life’.

Take a look at our gallery from this morning’s celebrations with pupils, parents and teachers.