Spring Term Clubs and Extra-Curricular 2024

While the classroom remains central to Rougemont School life, we also see that co-curricular activities are vital to a rounded education.

The co-curricular programme at Rougemont is both formal and informal, with involvement with clubs, workshops, lectures, young enterprise groups, as well as interactions with academic departments an expected and pleasurable part of the daily school life.

We are proud of the variety that our co-curriculum programme offers with over 60 clubs or activities to choose from. The energy and enthusiasm of our staff is such that every pupil is sure to find something of inspiration, and is strongly encouraged to participate in a minimum of one activity per week. In fact, if there is interest in an activity not currently available we will do everything in our power to make it available. In this way, many of the clubs and societies can be initiated by the pupils themselves.

Music, sport and drama all play an integral part in the pupils’ lives, both within the curriculum and beyond. Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award from Year 10 onwards has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a nationally recognised award, enabling pupils to gain vast experience in physical activity, a volunteering project whilst serving the community and learning new skills.

Our ethos is that every pupil should find himself and be who he or she wants to be. We aim to deliver a wide ranging and evolving co-curricular programme that all can enjoy.

The effectiveness of this holistic co-curricular programme is measured by the fact that every pupil chooses what they want to do and has a full and active programme. The aim is to create a co-curricular programme that fosters tolerance and teamwork, develops integrity, enthusiasm, resilience, fairness, humility, warmth and confidence; the key elements of leadership. We also expect to produce the skills of time management and promote the ability to use time as profitably as possible. Participation in Co-curricular activities is strongly encouraged as time has shown that a youngster’s participation can benefit them in a number of ways and help to shape the pupil into a well-rounded individual.

We accept that individuals will want to become specialists as they progress, but the aim of the co-curricular programme is to help develop well-rounded individuals with all the qualities that will enable enjoyment of life to the full and for the pupils to be enriched by their breadth of experience.

It’s not just about learning to kick a rugby ball, play the piano or recite your lines on stage, it is also about dedication, teamwork, reliability, motivation and leadership and these are key, transferable skills both for the classroom and for later in life.