House System

The Rougemont House system encourages friendly competition in a very supportive and encouraging atmosphere. There are three Houses named after Welsh Saints; Gwynog (yellow), Caradog (blue) and Dyfrig (red), each led by a designated member of staff (the House Tutor), and supported by the Y13 Senior Prefect team as House Captains and Vice Captains. There is also a House Prefect within each Year group whose responsibility is to liaise with their Year group and feed back into House Meetings. All pupils are allocated to a House when they join the school, and we try to place siblings within the same House so that they are able to support each other!

Competitions throughout the year are numerous and varied; our pupils really get behind their House and events have a tangible ‘feel good’ factor. Staff are also affiliated to a House, so the feeling of whole School involvement is extremely evident; staff are equally as passionate as the students in wanting their House to do well, and are a great support to House Tutors and their teams.

​Whole School competitions throughout the year are House Music, Sports Day, Cross Country, Eisteddfod, the IT Challenge, the Christmas Quiz, the House Bake Off and House Frisbee, but there are also smaller House events, some within a year group, each of which adds points to the House total. The House Year culminates in a Final assembly where, with much fanfare, the House with the most points is revealed, and the House Cup proudly adorned with ribbons displaying the winning colour.

Throughout the years we have seen enormous skills of many different kinds in our House competitions, and quite a few surprises too! Pupils clearly feel a sense of belonging and pride in their House and largely because of the very supportive ethos within the school, feel able to showcase their talents even if they are a little shy at first. Alongside the many other activities on offer, the House system provides an opportunity for our pupils to shine in many different ways, and year on year they do.