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The well-being of our pupils is central to all that we aim to achieve at Rougemont. Our priority is to get to know all our pupils as individuals so that we can help them to develop as well-rounded young people, comfortable in themselves and in the company of others.

All of our staff actively engage in making our pastoral care the very best. Form tutors are at the centre of this pastoral hub. They are key to ensuring the well-being and progress of our pupils, liaising with Heads of Year, parents and other staff when necessary. Each Head of Year works closely with the Pastoral Deputy Head who is also the child protection officer.

If you have any concerns about your son or daughter, please do not hesitate to contact us, firstly via your son/daughter’s form tutor.


The aim of Personal, Social and Health Education lessons is to prepare our pupils for responsible lives in our increasingly complex society. It helps them to be thoughtful, self-confident and enterprising in the present, while preparing them for active and considerate involvement in family, social, economic and civil life in the future and in their careers.

PSHE for Years 7 to 9 is taught in form groups with one lesson over the two-week timetable. In Years 10 and 11 PSHE is incorporated into tutorial / pastoral time and delivered by form tutors.

Personal Wellbeing explores feelings, emotions and family issues as well as friendships and looking after our bodies and minds. Social Education includes topics such as responsibilities, values and opinions. Keeping Healthy incorporates age-appropriate material on sex, relationships, drugs and personal safety.

Citizenship considers the role of the Government, the Law, finances and Global issues.

Looking to the Future incorporates some aspects of our Careers programme and promotes discussions on skills needed for the future as well as a career pathway. Financial Capability considers our life influences, and managing our finances sensibly. The course is progressive and planned so that each topic, taking a half term, introduces new concepts at the right time in a pupil’s emotional and physical development. Visiting speakers and outside agencies form an integral part of the PHSE provision, bringing with them not only their expertise, but the ‘real life’ application of some of the topics under discussion. Such speakers may be invited to give whole school assemblies, work with individual year groups, form classes, or in ‘circle time’ with only a few students.

The PSHE programme is managed, co-ordinated and developed by specific members of the teaching staff in discussion and collaboration with the Heads of Year and Deputy Head.