Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 years represent a personal milestone in the lives of our pupils as they make the sometimes rather challenging transition into young adults.  As if things were not confusing enough, this is also the time when academic pressure can really begin to build as out pupils embark upon their GCSE courses.  The specialist support and guidance provided at Rougemont can prove crucial at this time.

Key Stage 4 sees pupils further developing their own ideas and opinions.  Whilst this is whole-heartedly encouraged at school through participation in school council and other forums, it is a time of great personal and social change, and it is likely that at some point individual help of some kind will benefit.  The staff at Rougemont have individual and collective experience which makes them highly effective at helping pupils back on track should the need arise, and supporting them in managing issues for themselves to encourage resilience in every day life.

The majority of pupils will study 10 GCSEs, selected as options according to academic strengths and interests at the end of Key Stage 3.  Examination success is at the forefront of Key Stage 4, and teachers carefully monitor assessment grades and examination results so that targeted and timely help can be given to pupils where necessary.  This may take the form of extra classes or parental meetings so that a network of collaborative support is available and pupils are more likely to achieve their predicted grades.

Happily, it is not all work and no play in the Senior School, and at Key Stage 4 co-curricular activity and participation in House events is strongly advocated in order for pupils to enjoy a broad educational and social experience.  This is extremely important in developing personal skills but equally desirable as a foundation for future applications.  All pupils in Year 10 upwards are encouraged to participate in the character-building Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.