Rougemont Ready

Being #rougemontready continues into Senior School life, where the patter of tiny feet is replaced by rather larger shoes, but the principles and ethics of the school continue. During senior school life, we are obviously aiming for academic heights as well as preparing our students for the demands of the outside world. It can be tough at times, and our pastoral team are extremely well trained to be able to guide and support students through their teenage years using a variety of different strategies, but always keeping the emphasis on the wellbeing of the child.

As with the Prep school, students are encouraged to take responsibility in a variety of ways. The House system is an excellent way for pupils to have a lot of positive and competitive fun outside of the classroom. Our Sixth Form House Captains liaise with House Tutors to ensure that House competitions are varied, inclusive, well organised and are fairly contested throughout the year. House representatives are also voted in for each House within each year group, so there is every chance for interested pupils to get involved at an early stage.

The Pupil Council meets every month and is chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl, with a member of staff in a supporting role. The Pupil Council discusses issues relevant to the pupils themselves, and those voted in as Councillors know that they have a valuable role in collecting information from their Form and feeding it into meetings. The Pupil council is incredibly popular – nothing whatsoever to do with the promise of tea and biscuits at the meetings!

 Additionally, we have positions of responsibility throughout the school for Eco club, Sports captains, Charity representatives and many other areas of the school where opportunities exist to enrich the lives of our pupils. 

 We know that academic success is and must be a large part of senior school life, as realising an individual’s potential will enable career choices. In Years 10 onwards this is inevitably a large focus of school life, but as a prelude to provide challenge and opportunity both inside and outside of the classroom to Years 7-9 we have launched the very popular and successful KS3 Award, more details for which can be found on the Website.

 We hope you will agree that our provision indeed enables pupils to be their best selves, and supports their development both pastorally and academic throughout their journey with us.